We offer a hormone in a downtown area of Osaka for 40 years.This shop stands and drinks and is a style.

Business hours 8:0022:30L.O.22:00

A regular holiday: We take a rest for New Year holidays. (1/11/2or1/3)

What is  “Horumon”

Horumon" is a term used for the innards or offal of a cow, pork, and chicken. The origin of the word is from Osaka dialect, "hourumon"(which means "a thing you throw away").As like "foie gras" in French, or "tripe" in Italian, Japanese do eat innards in many ways, for instance, grilled and stewed.

Recommended set menu

Baked porker hormone & bottle beer 140+400=540jpy

a baked food

Baked porker hormone \140

Baked porker liver \140

Baked porker heart  \240

Baked porker harami  \240

Baked porker tontoro \240

Baked porker opened bowels \240

Baked porker lumps bowels \240


Baked beef loin \240

Cooked by boiling or stewing

Stewing tendon \220

Stewing porker leg \220


Boiling porker leg \170

Food a la carte

Broiled deep-fried tofu \100

Sliced raw tuna \300

Broiled squid \240

Cold tofu \150

Boiled a first stomach of the cow \220

Boiled ear of a pig \220

Boiled pig uterus \220

Potato salad \100

 Slice of a onion \100

                                                    Vegetable salad \150

                                                                    Grated radish \100

                                                                    Chinese cabbage kimchi \100


                                                                    Kimchi of a stomach of the cod \200

Drink menu

Beer (large size)  \400

Beer (small size)  \240

Shochu and soda (lemon flavor)  \220


Draft beer \220

Sake with a cup \240


Whiskey  \220

Plum wine \220

Non- alcohol beer (Beer which is not contained of the alcohol) \220

Coca-Cola \130

Oolong tea \130


Water with the soda \50